Our Lebanese Law Firm has a large experience in a wide variety of areas of practice; with its team of attorneys, it specialises in advising leading companies and financial institutions on their most challenging transactions and assignments. 

Moreover, through collaboration with associated offices in Cyprus , Italy, Finland, U.A.E and other Arab and foreign Countries, our Law Firm deliver high quality and prompt legal services to both its local and foreign clients in all three languages: Arabic, English and French.

We Have Worked With Lebanon’s Most Sophisticated Businesses On Market Leading Transactions

Our Commitment To Help Our Clients Deliver Their Strategies Has Seen Us Build A Truly Global Network

Expertise, Integrity, and Personalized Care

Choosing Hassan Kichli Law Firm means working with a law firm that not only understands the complexities of Lebanese and international law, but also prioritizes your peace of mind. Our approach to legal service is comprehensive and personalized, ensuring that each client receives tailored counsel and strong representation. Our track record of achievement and dedication to legal innovation make us the ideal legal partner in Lebanon.


Mr. Hassan Afif Kichli
Mr. Hassan Afif KichliFounder & Owner of Kichli Law Firm
Academic level:
He continued his elementary studies in the schools of Makassed Islamic Charitable Society and then continued his secondary education and graduated from the International School of Choueifat in 1998. Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Sagesse University in 2002. He holds a Master’s degree in International Private Law from the University of Sagesse in 2004.

Career status:
He established his own office in Beirut, specializing in legal consultations in commercial disputes, real estate issues, establishment and representation of companies, various aspects of personal status as well as literary, artistic, intellectual and arbitration rights.

Mrs. Nisrine Omar Iskandarani
Mrs. Nisrine Omar Iskandarani
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Rania Moufid Shamseldine
Mrs. Rania Moufid ShamseldineAttorney at law
Graduated from the Lebanese University Faculty of Law in 2002
Joined the Beirut Bar Association in 2003
Joined the table bar and became a lawyer by appeal in 2007
Miss Rim Mohamad Darwish
Miss Rim Mohamad DarwishGraduate lawyer
Master 2 in legal and diplomatic careers from Lebanese University 2021
Joined the Beirut Bar Association in 2022
Miss Ryan Ali Bitar
Miss Ryan Ali BitarGraduate lawyer
Bachelor of law and M1 from Beirut Arab University 2023
Miss Rawan Jihad Abdallah
Miss Rawan Jihad AbdallahGraduate lawyer
Bachelor of law 2022
and M1 in law 2023 from Lebanese University
Miss Dana Hani Ammar
Miss Dana Hani AmmarGraduate lawyer
Bachelor of law and M1 from Beirut Arab University 2022

A Legacy of Legal Excellence

Founded on the pillars of knowledge, advocacy, and results, Hassan Kichli Law Firm has established itself as a beacon of legal expertise in Lebanon and beyond. Our attorneys, recognized as some of the best lawyers in Lebanon, bring a wealth of experience across various legal disciplines, including corporate law, financial regulations, labor laws, and international legal matters. Our commitment to legal excellence and our client-centric approach sets us apart as the best international law firm in Lebanon


  • Reading and counseling on resolutions taken by your association in order to comply with local regulations.

  • All matters related to members relations, between each other, or with another entity as the case may be.

  • Implementation of above decisions at all levels in Lebanon and abroad.

  • Establishment and control of relationship with all kinds of third parties.

  • Drafting of all sorts of agreements, printouts, etc.

  • Checking legal files when needed.

  • Assist your company in negotiations with third parties when needed.

  • Follow up with ministries and public departments in Lebanon and abroad.

  • Checking documentation with all kinds of suppliers, insurance, lease.

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